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After your divorce, spousal support is alimony. KJT-Law knows how to help you obtain or fight an award of alimony. N.C. law requires the Court in orders for spousal support, to deem the recipient as the dependent spouse, the payor as the supporting spouse and determine the payor has the reasonable ability to pay the support to the dependent spouse. The Court will consider the accustomed standard of living of the parties during the marriage, their incomes, and reasonable expenses. Marital misconduct, particularly in the form of illicit sexual misconduct, will be considered by the Court and your ability to prove its existence or not will matter in the alimony award you receive or pay. You and your spouse can agree to the terms of alimony, rather than have to face the daunting task of a court hearing, and the terms of alimony can be reflected in a Separation Agreement and Property Settlement.

There is no magic calculator to indicate the amount or duration of spousal support and the awards can range from nothing to permanent alimony. It is extremely important to be well prepared for spousal support. It is not unusual for folks to forgo spousal support, but it requires a good plan to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. KJT-Law will help you make such a plan based on our successes and experience!

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